Digital Business Summit (DBS) provides a series of online conferences for start-ups and small to medium sized business who would like to maximize online engagement by learning from digital marketing and e-commerce experts providing real-world applications and studies.

This is an opportunity to surge ahead of the pack in terms of establishing a coherent online presence, regardless of the size of your business or the resources at hand.

Most businesses appreciate the tools available to succeed online but they don’t have the knowledge to use those tools at the right time in the most strategically advantageous manner – “How do I connect and engage with customers via social media? How do I maximize my search engine strategies?”

DBS will provide online conferences with topics focusing on social media marketing, search marketing, mobile marketing, e-commerce, content marketing, online advertising and gamification.  They are also incredibly cost effective.  Price is only $100 per connection (not per person).

What marks DBS as special and invaluable is the real-world content from the diverse and insightful speakers – they are from the top digital agencies and are immersed in digital marketing and e-commerce on a daily basis across a wide number of industries.

The presenters have all successfully used the web in their campaigns and projects to create value for their businesses. They’re sharing that practical knowledge and know-how with delegates so that an hour and a half webinar combines strategy with real and beneficial tactics. The aim is to have delegates fully appreciating the steps needed to better their business. It’s not generic knowledge, it’s real.

The benefits don’t end there. Conferences are interactive, allowing delegates to ask questions and truly pick the brains of the presenters.

It is easy to participate, incredibly cost-effective and extremely worthwhile!

“What differentiates DBS from competitors is the quality of the experts, the real-world nature of the case studies and the practical application for companies utilising the power of social media and internet engagement. I’m hooked and will devour every tidbit of knowledge the presenters can
provide.” – Lachlan Fyne, author of Nowhere Atoll