event_label_socmedforsocialgoodSocial Media for Social Good
Presenter: Rosario Juan

In 2009, typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines. It was the biggest typhoon at that time and electricity and major telecomms were down. The internet was accessible to many though and thus became a primary channel in coordinating rescue and relief operations. In 2012, another weather disturbance struck the country. It was not a typhoon, but monsoon rains persisted for three whole days and left towns under floodwater. Once again, the internet became a tool for gathering and spreading information. A group of netizens took it upon themselves to organize data by gathering information abour rescuees with the hashtag #rescuePH, organizing the data and sending these vital info to rescue groups. It improved on protocols used during Ondoy and made use of readily-available, free internet tools. This also became the first use of unified hashtags in disaster management. Ros, one of the lead volunteers and coordinators of #rescuePH will share the rescuePH story and discuss the many ways in which social media can further the cause of social good.

Schedule: 12 November 2014, 2:30PM (Auckland, Wellington)  Reserve your Seat Now