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The Digital Business Summit seat includes all webinar sessions found below. All participants are entitled to a 3-month access to Hootsuite Pro and Hootsuite University.


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DBS Jonny WilkinsonEquity Crowdfunding for Startups
Presenter: Jonny Wilkinson

Equity Crowdfunding is a new concept that allows private companies the ability to efficiently access the capital they need to grow!

Jonny will discuss how equity crowdfunding differs from the usual crowdfunding model. He will expound on how it allows you to grow your business by focusing on what you need to which is running your business and not worrying about spending a large amount of time trying to get investment. Jonny will further explain how it can bring you brand advocates that will effectively market your business to a large audience of new customers.


9How to Thrive in Online Communities
Presenter: Natalie Cutler Welsh

In this session, Go to Girl Natalie Cutler-Welsh will highlight her 7 secrets for thriving in Online Communities. This includes how to be generous & helpful without giving away too much for free!



DBS Art Policarpio

Mapping out a Mobile Strategy for the New Consumer Journey
Presenter: Arthur Policarpio

Traditionally, marketers have used the path of purchase funnel to outline the consumer journey starting from awareness to consideration to purchase to loyalty.  Yet that model implies that the customer journey is linear. In reality, the typical consumer journey today is more complex and involves more online and offline touchpoints.  Before making a purchase, consumers would have already searched for your product in search engines, read user reviews on blogs and turned to social media for peer recommendations. Their mobile phones are the only device they carry with them 24/7 as they move from stage to stage.  In this webinar, Arthur will discuss the different ways mobile technology has changed consumer behavior and recommend strategies on how to use mobile to adapt to it.


Best 30 Growth Hacks For Your Business
Presenter: Mark Hayes

Mark Hayes covers off the 30 hacks that you can use to drive more customers to your startup & increase conversions.



5Video: Creating Awareness, Trust and Sales For Your Business

Presenters: Marty and Misty McPadden

Video is becoming one of the most powerful sales tool for any size business. It’s a great way to build brand awareness, build relationships and the ultimate goal – sales. We will offer participants a run down of the different free and paid for services to get started. We will also share useful tips in planning, executing and promoting live and produced online video.


4Build a Successful Social Business to Attract and Retain Customers

Presenter: Vaughan Rivett

With the rise of Social Media, the world has become both an exciting yet also scary place to live. People turn up to a gunfight armed with a mobile phone. Their ability to connect with people and share information is only a click away.

This webinar will inspire line of business management and sales staff to reap the quantifiable rewards of a Social Business, providing a net effect of greater customer loyalty, reduced costs and increased productivity. Outpace your opponents while becoming increasingly aware of a greater competitive advantage.

DBS Ros JuanSocial Media for Restaurants

Presenter: Rosario Juan

Social media marketing has proven to be an effective and cost efficient tool for small businesses. It allows small businesses to establish two-way communication channels that enable them to talk and listen to their customers directly. Social media is an amazing tool for creating awareness and in sustaining relationships even beyond the brick and mortar establishment. As a social media strategist helping small businesses establish their online presence for the past 10 years and a cafe owner who uses a predominantly online approach in marketing her 1.5 year old cafe, Commune, Ros will share social media strategies, tips and techniques that will help you drum up awareness and increase trial of your restaurant or café.


6Co-creation: work with your customers to gain the innovative edge

Presenter: Simon Young

The world is changing – and fast. Increasingly the world is becoming a global marketplace. Is your offering understandable for a global audience – including China?

In this session, you’ll learn why Asia Pacific is the area of most rapid growth for social media and e-commerce, and how to put both to work for your business – including in the hard-to-crack market of China.

Learn the key differences between Asia Pacific nations, and the similarities you can use to your advantage.

DBS ArranBVisual Content Marketing

Presenter: Arran Birchenough

With his years of experience within Getty Images, Arran presents tips on content marketing with better visuals, mobile visual content, the different licensing models for images, music, and video. He discusses why using visuals in your marketing makes sense.


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